You probably already know that you have an outstanding opportunity to buy a home under exceptionally good terms that are not available to the general public. But do you know all the details?

For instance, veterans can buy a house with a purchase price of up to $417,000 (more in some cases) with absolutely ZERO down payment. No other federal lending program does that. PLUS, there is NO monthly mortgage insurance (MI) payment required as is the case with the other “low” down payment loan programs (like FHA).

But the good news doesn’t stop there: if you are looking for a fixer-upper, a foreclosure or maybe you just want to add some personal touches to make the new house truly “yours,” the VA will provide up to $35,000 in renovation money BEFORE YOU MOVE IN (strictly controlled program) with the actual amount needed added to the mortgage balance. They will also give you a reasonable amount of time (up to 6 months) to get the projects done (licensed contractor must bid/do work) and they sweeten the deal by holding off on requiring you make mortgage payments until the work is completed (delayed payments added to mortgage balance… some other restrictions apply). All this with ABSOLUTELY NO down payment! Of course you need to meet income requirements and have reasonable credit, but what home loan program doesn’t require that?

Already used your VA home loan benefit? No problem. If you were (or currently are) faithful in meeting your home loan obligations with reasonable credit, the VA allows you to REUSE your VA benefits with only a slightly increased VA Funding Fee… and the fee can be rolled into the mortgage note! Plus, if you do have a little money set aside for a small down payment, I know a way to get your fee reduced to BELOW what a first-time VA benefit user would pay!

There is even MORE good news… like: reduced closing costs; preferential interest rates; and much more! So, if you are an honorably discharged veteran – or still on active duty – and live or plan to live in the greater Orlando area, give this fellow veteran a call. I know or can get the answer to ANY question you may have regarding your VA home guaranty benefit. I’ll help you get to where you want to be. Test me!

When you’re ready, contact me. I’ll listen, then I’ll act. Let’s work together on finding you the home of your dreams! Just pick up the phone and call Dave at at 407-461-4315. You’ll be glad you did. 

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